Online Constituent Communications for Elected Officials

FrankingGrid was established to help elected officials take full advantage of the Internet’s power to target an audience and reach them with the right message at the right time. Through our collaboration with the House Franking Commission, we have designed an approved online outreach program that enables Members of Congress to reach their voting constituents with online search, display, advertising and social media.

Members of Congress can finally use electronic communications to reach their constituents where they are reading about public policy, news, and politics and we, can save the taxpayers money and our environment by reducing direct mail and cutting down fewer trees. Members can now increase their profile, build their email and newsletter lists, and build awareness of their websites, constituent services, and policy decisions.

The FrankingGrid ad network targets voting constituents on thousands of local and national news, politics, radio, television, entertainment, blogs, and social media sites, including Google, Yahoo, Bing, Facebook, & YouTube. Proven targeting allows the ads to be shown on these well know sites, but only to the computers that log on in the appropriate Congressional District.

FrankingGrid takes care of everything from banner and text ad creation, white and black site list creation and ad placement. We also provide easy to read reporting on how many people in District saw the ads, clicked on them, and then joined your email or newsletter lists or signed up for your event.